Case studies: (P)reaching across the divide in Poland

Case Study : (P)reaching across the divide in Poland

In Poland, a campaign aimed at moderate religious persons had the right inspiration by getting their campaign messages delivered by people within the campaign who were also practicing Catholics and well connected to their Church-going communities.

“Both Both Pawel and Marcin, the two spokespeople who went on the TV shows, are openly gay and Catholic in a very engaged way. Pawel has been going to the same church as one of the show hosts and had sung in the same choir before his coming out. While everybody was expecting Pawel and Marcin to be trashed, they both incredibly and against all odds managed to steal the show and come across as the genuine bearers of Christian values of peace, gentleness and generosity. The success of Pawal and Marcin’s appearances was due to the fact that they were both part of the target group, as well as being part of the campaign. They were people that the target group, the people who felt a conflict between their Catholic values and the Church’s virulent hateful positions, could relate to. ”

Listen to campaigner Kasia Remin make the case for the getting spokespeople who are from BOTH the campaigns AND the target group: