How can I use Metaphors, Messengers and Tone to Frame my Comms?


How can I use Metaphors, Messengers and Tone to Frame my Comms?

Lesson objective

- You will look into the use of metaphors in SOGI campaigning
- You will learn to identify what makes an appropriate messenger for your campaign
- You will be more aware of the importance of tone, and learn how to identify various types of tones

Let’s start with METAPHORS

Metaphors are essential tools for framing. They provide a way to help the target audience absorb and simplify complex issues quickly. They allow us to make abstract notions concrete. Quite frankly, people love simple metaphors.

As they rely on an immediate understanding, most metaphors will be context-specific and  will only work in specific languages or specific cultures. Still, there are a few metaphors that seem to make sense across most cultural and geographical contexts, for example:

The ‘tip of the iceberg’ – even if most of us have probably never seen an actual iceberg, we understand that this means only the visible part of a much larger thing.

‘Red lights’ / ‘Green lights’ – this one makes sense to those of us familiar with public transport systems and built roads. Green lights means GO!, and red lights mean STOP!

Now let’s see how SOGI campaigning has been dealing with Metaphors