Case Studies : Food Metaphors

Food Metaphors

American Barbecue 

A family gathers for Sunday lunch.
Watch the video below and find out what this rather puzzling campaign talks about….

Brazilian Eggplants

In 2016, LGBT activists from Curitiba, Brazil, teamed up with 3 advertising agencies to develop a video campaign which provides food for thought on the core campaigning concept of metaphors.

The video was part of a campaign against violence towards LGBT people in Brazil. The organisation behind the campaign, Curitiba’s Grupo Dignidade defined the campaign’s focus value to be respect.

The core strategy of the campaign’s message was to disconnect personal beliefs and feelings (like tastes) from social attitudes (like hatred), so as to change behaviors (like violence). The core tactic was the central use of a metaphor: the like or dislike of some particular food.

The creative agency tested the message on 4 focus groups of lawyers, teachers, psychologists and youth. Each group was asked to watch the video and each person was asked to say what their first impression was, if they approve of the video and whether they thought it could be harmful to the LGBT cause or to Grupo Dignidade.

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Interaction !

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