Case studies: Finding the right messengers

Case Study : Freedom to Mary USA

“Over time we realized that, in addition to the right messages, we needed powerful messengers to help grow and amplify support. With careful analysis, we found out which messengers could be most persuasive, such as older parents speaking about their gay children and both gay and straight veterans, and we identified a broad range of other important story-tellers.”

The video below is a good example of how a campaign draws in messengers that were analysed to be effective to reach a certain target audience. 

If you enjoyed this video, you can find a lot more on the Freedom to Mary legacy website, which we strongly encourage you to check out in full !


Case Study : Leveraging Hyper-masculinity in Macedonia

“Our most powerful ally was a very well known heavyweight boxer who was part of Macedonia’s Olympic team! We couldn’t have found a more surprising messenger to talk against violence towards LGBTI people.

The fact that this person represents the very stereotype of masculinity and violence in the eye of the public created a “cultural shock” that was hugely effective in changing people’s attitudes.  The fact that such a man could be supportive of LGBTI people meant that a lot of people could safely model their attitude on his.”

Watch the boxer’s video below

Before we now move on to investigate how the TONE influences your communication, let’s have a quick quizz to check on what makes a good messenger.