The Bias of Association

The Bias of Association

By pairing ourselves with pleasurable stimuli we can become more persuasive.
This is known as the good mood effect or the law of association. People’s enjoyment of something else gets paired with us and our message, and they come to associate us with a positive feeling. This law obviously also works in reverse.

This bias is often used unconsciously, for example by all campaigns featuring happy festive crowds, or smiling couples.

But taken too far, this strategy to integrate your campaign within a “conducive” environment can also backlash. Amnesty International and other organisations have done a great job testing this out by linking up with… dating apps!

This page provides a deeper exploration of innovative uses of technology and apps to change hearts and minds.

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The Bias of association is one of the most widely used ones. Find examples of the use of this bias in advertising or social campaigns and post them on this page