“Loyalty” has understandably been used much more by the opponents of sexual and gender diversities in order to cement the social “in-group” but it has also been used creatively in LGBTI campaigns, eg in the marriage referendum campaign in Ireland, where patriotism and loyalty to a certain image of Ireland has been hugely helpful in driving voting participation.

But the value of loyalty has strong implications for LGBTI campaigners when the objective is to mobilise the community and its allies, as these campaigns will benefit from calling on the loyalty to the cause and/or to the group.

For example, Loyalty is a value that a lot of the marriage equality campaigns have focused on. Indeed, loyalty is central to marriage and one of the main drivers that can generate support.

Watch this 2011 Australian video for Marriage Equality, which has now 16 million views

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Which scenes in this video particularly depict the value of Loyalty ?