The value of liberty, and resistance to oppression, is a strong value and it has been a pivotal point in campaigning for sexual and gender minorities.

In fact, many campaigns have used the “freedom to love” argument, and it can be argued that the whole concept of Pride marches mainly rests on the value of liberty.

We have a double edged sword: liberty carries a very strong emotional potential, but it can backfire badly if this liberty is seen as working against the common good, which is very easily achieved when the focus is on a group perceived as socially marginal (which our opponent will do everything they can to ensure that this is the case)

Campaigning around liberty arguments should probably associate systematically the notion of “no-harm” to the wider community.

Watch this talk show focusing on the value of Liberty:

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The difficult thing with “liberty” is that it has a high degree of variance amongst societies and that it also fluctuates a lot within a given society. The more a society rests on economic and social cooperation, the more the value of liberty will be counter-balanced by the value of “loyalty “ (see below). Hence its variation in times of crisis, when obedience towards a leader will be placed more highly than liberty on the value scale.

Do you see LIBERTY as a useful value in your context? What specific target groups do you think could be touched by this ?
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