Flex your Values Analysis skills on your opponents

Flex your Values Analysis skills on your opponents

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To learn how to frame your arguments, a good exercise is to look at the way your opponents frame theirs. This is also useful because your campaign communication will have to take into account what “landscape” you live in. If the main frame of your opponents is “family love”, this will surely impact on your own communication!

Framing By Marriage Equality Opponents In Romania

“Liberty Counsel continues to assist the citizens of Romania who are working on a nationwide constitutional referendum that would modify their Constitution to clarify that marriage is the foundational and fundamental societal institution and is naturally defined as the union of one man and one woman. Liberty Counsel provided that Court with an amicus brief in defense of natural marriage, to counter numerous briefs filed by Soros-backed non-governmental organizations, which called on Romania to abandon its national sovereignty and cede the definition of the family to the European Union. (…) Liberty Counsel’s Vice President of Legal Affairs addressed some of the same deceptive tactics used by LGBT operatives in the United States, including the marginalization of Christian and conservative voices. The pro-family movement in Romania is uniting across generational, political and denominational lines to stand up to the ‘enlightened progressives’ of Western Europe and beyond, and to reclaim Romania’s sovereignty and self-governance.”

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What are the main values that this text is trying to activate? What are the “cultural models” that people hold, which this text tries to tap into?