Most strategies to marginalize sexual and gender minorities rely on proving that these groups don’t deserve care. This is done by:

  • identifying them as not being part of society (either because they are unwanted, or because they come from ‘outside’)
  • labeling them as dangerous

This strategy often goes with the promotion of “care” towards members of society which are seen as in need of protection. In this case mainly children, hence the often raised argument about “protecting children from propaganda/enrolment”.

In terms of campaigning for sexual and gender minorities, the value of care is particularly important and powerful and there are many entry points for making it work: showing members of sexual and gender minorities care for each other; showing them care for others; showing how other people care for them.

Each of these approaches has its own specific power, but they all have one impact in common: they deconstruct the idea that LGBTQI people are “others”, who don’t deserve care.

This picture posted by two Black fathers is powerful example of shifting social norms on care within a Black LGBT family. It was so powerful it got picked up by NIKON for their diversity campaign.

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Care in Campaigning

Watch this moving illustration of how the value of care can be leveraged for campaigning for sexual and gender minorities in this 10 million-views video:

Another great illustration of the value of care in this video about Trans access to bathrooms

Last but not least, this video produced by the United Nations’ FREE AND EQUAL campaign is also very strongly built on the value of care, although it also features other values like courage, empathy, solidarity, friendship.

Share your thoughts! Do you have any other example of a campaign that focused on the value of CARE? Do you think this value is central in your culture and do you think a campaign could focus on it?

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