Framing with Values Copy


Framing with Values

Lesson objective

- You will get familiar with the notion of FRAMING - You will develop a more subtle understanding of the pros and cons of activating certain values - You will increase your proficiency in identifying campaign frames

Values = Impact

Campaigning is the art of changing people’s hearts and minds. But no one is a blank slate. We learnt in Lesson 2 that people’s attitudes are already shaped by beliefs, norms and values. Lesson 4 showed us that by appealing to people’s better values we can have a very strong impact on their attitudes.

In this lesson we will learn some techniques for effective framing using values.

ing what people think.

The rest of this course will focus on how these feelings can be influenced.

“One of the most neglected factors in pushing for change is the set of values that motivate people—which represent a strong driving force behind many of our attitudes and behaviours. Examining these values more closely reveals some deep connections between seemingly different issues —and a wealth of opportunities to bring about lasting, systemic change.”