intro:different types of campaigns


Different Types Of Campaigns

Learning Outcomes

- You will be able to differentiate between different types of "campaigns": information campaigns, behavior change campaigns, fundraising campaigns, etc.
- You will have a clear understanding that this course is specifically about ATTITUDE CHANGE campaigns

As you are surely an activist who wants to bring about significant change, you know better than anyone that you have a daunting task, with a lot on your plate: Building your community, consolidating a team around you, raising funds, dispelling harmful “myths” and stereotypes, win over the un-decided towards your vision. The list is endless. And as there are only 24 hours in a day, wouldn’t it be everyone’s dream to catch all these birds with one stone? Wouldn’t we all want the perfect campaign that achieves it all?

Sure, but as a saying goes “The more you embrace, the less you hug”. As is often the case, different objectives have different strategies. Arguably, mobilising your “choir” will not require the same tools and approaches than persuading those who are not yet supporting your views.

Of course there will be some overlap between these strategies. A strategy to fundraise might also help to build your community, and might even influence some undecided people towards your agenda. But successful campaigns have a clear vision of their priority agenda and keep the focus.

We will continue now with a short and easy exercice that will allow us to differentiate between different types of campaigns according to their priority agenda.